Wooden House in Tamsweg

This charming wooden house in Tamsweg is a true masterpiece that immediately catches the eye. The outstanding feature of this house is the impressive roof truss with its striking ceiling beams. This gives the entire living space character and conveys a rustic flair.

The kitchen in this wooden house has been extremely thoughtfully designed. It features a hidden worktop and an impressive raw steel sliding door in front of it. A spacious pantry and a spacious island with an elegant granite top offer plenty of space and functionality. A wine fridge with an adjacent shelf adds that extra bit of luxury and style.

The kitchen has a high bench with a high backrest, which has been combined with leather and concrete. Above there are wooden compartments in gray reclaimed wood, which not only provide storage space, but also create an atmospheric atmosphere. A high table in white pigmented oak completes the overall picture and offers a cozy place to dine.

The lighting in this wooden house was carefully selected and fits seamlessly into the overall concept. It highlights the beauty of the materials and provides pleasant lighting throughout the room. This wooden house in Tamsweg is a perfect example of thoughtful design and high quality craftsmanship that can be seen in every detail.


Planning: Michael Sendlhofer

Execution: Sendlhofer Carpentry


We are pleased that we were able to participate in the realization of these interesting projects and would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers once again for the trust they have placed in us.